Sunday, September 14, 2014

Uncle Ivan's Birthday

Dearest V,

Dad was quite meloncolic today. At one point two things happened as they usually do with days like today with two signs that Ivan was still present.

As I cleaned and unpacked boxes from the move I thought about dad and Ivan all day. Sure enough "Nunca Que Olvidare" by Enrique Iglesias played without prompting. This always happens. It's s special song we played at your grandpa Maximo's funeral and it had been his sign of him being with us.

An hour or so later I ran into a box that contained all of Ivan's funeral memories. I took a copy of the eulogy out and stated at it in awe. When your mom saw me glance it, she asked I sit down and read it to you. I reluctantly did but was unable to finish the first sentence. It's been 33 years today your uncle was born and also 23 years of his passing. Yeap, he was born and died on the same day, Sept 14th.

How I wish he could have met you. I will keep his memory alive by telling you how much he meant in my life and showing you his photos and videos. But most importantly telling you about his big heart. His loss left a tremendous void in my life. A pain and mourning I really never accepted sobi chose to bury it in the darkest corner of my in a bittersweet way was the darkest day of my life 23 years ago. I hope that wherever he is, he is proud of you just as that pride I felt for him when he was alive.

Victoria, you will learn that love transcends so many things, even life itself. You will experience it too in your own way.

As I close my eyes, I see Ivan in your smile, in your energy and in your glow. It's tough to loss a brother. But I know he was with both of us today. I know you also told him Happy Birthday Tio Ivan.

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