Thursday, August 28, 2014

Major Milestone: Turning & Agoo!

Dearest Victoria,

When you are older and read these letters, you will surely be shaking your head. But we can't help seeing the world through your eyes.

Just last Thursday (a week ago today) when you were in the car to your first-ever concert (band tribute to Journey) at the Tustin Golf Course you said your first word that wasn't a cry: Agoo!

Trap as much as I wanted it to have been "papá" or "daddy" or "pápi" it was Agoo.

So that was your first speech milestone. But this morning you had your first physical milestone. This morning you managing to twist your little body in the bassinet to the point you turned over on your tummy. You are getting stronger. In fact, you did that twice!

I guess we are not giving you enough tummy time so you took it upon yourself to do it on your own.

We are loving every second of you being in our lives. But I do have to say that you are one very demanding baby. You spend so much time with your mom that you often, well always, cry when you are held by me. That better pass or I will take it personally!

Love you more!

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