Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Your Dad's Bday

Dear Victoria,

Where do I start. 

Today is quite an unbelievable day for me as your father. Let's see:

* New Job
* New Home
* New State
* New Life

Yes, I would say it's a pretty crazy time in our lives. I celebrate my first birthday as your father away from you and Mom. But I am there with you. The feeling of having you in our life is still surreal. It's still unimaginable, yet so many remind me that you are indeed real. 

While you may only be seven weeks old, there is so much we have and are learning from you. However, there is yet so much more we are learning about ourselves. 

You joining our family has turned our world inside out. We look forward to sharing live's adventures with you.

You and your Mom have made today the best birthday in my life.

Love you more!

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