Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You Are One Month Today!

Dear Victoria,

Happy One Month Birthday!

You have been with us only four weeks yet you have changed our lives forever. We can't say it has been easy. Everything in life has been tough and I've had to fight for, so why should you coming to our lives be any different right?

But we loved you before you were even here so know how special you are to us. You had one of those growth spurts today as all you wanted was to eat. And that you did. It was a special day today having you get to know the home you only knew when you were in the womb. You looked around attentively as I took you around the home that we are leaving behind. You looked around as if knowing you had been here before.

One day I will share with you all the beautiful memories your Mom and I lived in this special house on Emerson. In fact, your mom wanted to name you Emerson. So you can thank me later for having saved you being named after our street during the time we lived in Texas.

Tomorrow is another long day and I am seriously getting behind on my sleep. Sweet dreams little one.

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