Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Restlessness with Ferocious Hunger

So little one has not been herself lately. Either it's another growth spurt coming or she is just plain ole cranky.

She has basically been a nightmare all day. Even though her basic needs are met, she has been restless and upset.

We have cranked up the white noise. This time we went big time to Mozart. Yes, classical music is known to help develop the baby's brain wave synchronization but also to soothe and calm them the hell down. Well, not Victoria.

I think Alicia will need nipple replacement by the time V is done with her. She is practically attached to her chest 24/7 and dad still has to prep back up formula because her 30 minutes of latch suckle time is not enough.

We are raising a monster!!!!!! She loves her food. Can't wait to get her started on solids so that her hunger spasms are a bit more spread out than every 30 minutes.

Despite it all, she is our princess whom we adore.

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