Friday, July 11, 2014

It's a Wrap!

Dear Victoria,

You will have today deep in your subconscious so you will not remember the significance of the day. We are so happy you were here on this trip to Dallas to see the home that was so very special to your mom and I.

As if knowing, you meticulously observed everything around the house. The movers finalized packing the house today. Yes I am exhausted. 

You thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the special friends who knew all about your pending arrival. Jon & Kristin hosting such am awesome Victoria Meet & Greet along with a Goodbye To Max & Ali dessert and wine get together at their home.

All in all, the closing of a very special chapter in our lives. I think you got your first congestion and apologize if your mom was parading you around doing show and tell with some snot remover device she was gifted at one of her baby showers. 

Sweet dreams my little baby! 

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