Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dallas Arrives To SoCal

Dear Victoria,

Big day. All of our good from Dallas started arriving today at our new home. You spent the day unusually asleep. Also a first. You must be growing up a lot. Your mom had to take you to your pediatrician because she thought you had congestion.

You surprised your Abue Josefina today by smiling a lot and talking back to her. You made her day. But the best need of all is that today was the first day that you ate nothing but mommy milk. That was awesome.

Not to be outdone though, it was your Grandpa's last day of radiation treatment. So we thank God.

Well your dads feet are throbbing and completely exhausted. Gotta wake up in 5 hours and meet movers again as they unload and unpack.

Maybe your bath lady night made you sleepy. Just please sleep through tonight.

Butterfly Kisses from Dad.

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