Sunday, July 27, 2014

7th Week Birthday!

Dear Victoria,

Today you are seven weeks old! And yes time has sure gone by faster than I can change your diapers these days.

You are such an awesome little person to be around. Love how you get to hang with us and live our whirlwind life. We have started you early. Noise and commotion definitely do not phase you. In your first seven weeks of life you have gone around shopping, eating, and even traveling with your parents. Yeap, you already flew to Dallas with us to close our chapter of having lived there. You attentively looked around the house as if recollecting your memories of being there while you were inside your mom's womb.

You are starting to give us an occasional smirk. Not quite a full blown smile yet but you are working at it. Just when I thought I had a grumpy daughter.

You are sure eating a lot though lately. You eat about oh maybe 14 times a day and that is a day. Your poor mom is sore. Yes, she is. Sometimes you are so hungry we have to supplement your meals with formula because your mom simply just runs out.

But I will say it again, we absolutely adore seeing the world through your eyes. It's as if we are in a new world and we here living it with you for the first time.

Everything we do now is a total production. Gone are the days when we could just pick up and leave. No more. We have to plan, plan, plan whenever we want to go or do something. You keep us on our toes and you are not even talking or walking yet!

I guess it's good practice.

All our love to you Ms. V.

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