Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wed. 6/18/14: Visitors Meeting Victoria

As the settling continues between having a new member of the family and trying to get wife stabilized with the blood pressure thing and the swelling thing, the distractions continue in a good way by way of visitors.

Mom has been the steady loyalist in either bringing us home-cooked meals or coming to make it here at our home. In between cooking of course she takes advantage to bond with her first ever grandkid. So needless to say she is so happy to be a grandmother.

Midday one of the wife's aunts came over with an unbelievable dish. Barbacoa. It was awesome. I will ask her that next time she brings a batch that she make a lot extra so we have leftovers. I will also ask her to come fully fed so she won't dig into our stash! When it comes to food, I am very protective!

The young lady continues to voracious eating. She can't get enough of it. We had a follow up pediatrician visit today along with an appointment with a lactation specialist. In order to meet her appetite demands, we are supplementing her with some formula.

Her belly button is starting to break apart too which is timely the expected schedule when it should fall off. She has bled a little over the last couple days but apparently it's normal.

Late in the evening Victoria had another impromptu baby shower. Several friends came over and showered Victoria with presents. I can get used to this. I think we now have clothing for her to dress like the Kardashians - never having to repeat an outfit every again!

Maricela, Isela, Nadia, and Jesse came over and had great conversation as usual but this time in between feedings, diaper changes, and fussy spouts.

Victoria fit right in. Love that we are raising her to be a social butterfly where she is used to a lot of people being around her and the noise, music and conversation. She pays very close attention to studying all the new arms that hold her and takes in all of their facial features and expressions. She is going to be a quick study!

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