Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Voracious Appetite & Sleep

Our little one basically was latched on to mom all day. She decided to make today breastmilk day.

Mom is literally exhausted. We have seen though that her intake of formula has been less which means that she is latching on more to breastmilk.

She slept more than usual today. Have I mentioned she has stolen our hearts? Here I captured her first ever "puchero" or pout. How can you not fall instantly in love with this precious little bundle of love!

This is great news as all we hear is how healthier of a baby she will be with feeding from mom.

The irregular schedule VLG has us on caught up today as I had a headache most of the day. Ugghh!

Folks keep freaking me out by posting what life will be once our princess gets a little older. Like climbing up the walls and creating an utter playground out of the house. For now, we say no way. But I am sure we will have a change of heart once we are there.

One thing I have noticed is that Victoria is definitely on to us. She will fall asleep on us, next to us, or around us. But will wake and start having a coronary when we put her down in her bassinet or playpen. She will have nothing of it. We dismiss it to comfort and bonding. We are ok with that. Love holding our daughter for no reason at all.

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