Saturday, June 21, 2014

Victoria's Umbilical Cord Falls Off!

We most definitely starting the time of firsts.

Today was a big one of those firsts! Victoria's umbilical cord fell off her belly button.

Our baby is growing up!

There was another first not as classy as the one above though. Today was the first time that Victoria threw up. She also threw up on her dad's shoulder while burbing her. Oh the fun that lies ahead.

Interestingly the wife's parental units were here to witness these two significant firsts. It reminded me that it is for these moments that we are so glad to be back home. Having our close loved ones live them with us is just simply priceless. It is not the same to tell them about it over an email, a card, or on skype.

As for us, we continue being tired all the time all day long. The little one is also still learning the rhythm of her new lifestyle with us.

We have helped her a little by not keeping her sheltered in the bedroom. She has been on the move with dad everywhere. Whether it is going to the store or going on errands.

What is cool about today is that it marks the first day of summer! How cool is that! Our baby's first sign of growing up happened on the official kickoff to the summer days!


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