Saturday, June 14, 2014

Victoria's Dad

I spent most of the day learning and assimilating new daddy routines. Feeding, diapers, figuring out how to operate a breast pump, cuddling, butterfly kisses, and taking occasional breaks to assemble our new home furniture like play pens, bassinet, and mamaroos.

The main stay was obviously tuning in to all the World Cup games. Victoria's favorite was the England vs. Italy match where Italy won.

Since tomorrow is Father's Day, I couldn't help but be meloncolic all day. Just overnight my life has changed. I am now responsible for nurturing, loving, and raising another human being. A tremendous responsibility, yet such a humbling blessing.

Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All sung loud in my heart. It's a telling tribute to loving yourself in order to give love.

Love is...when your mom visits to make wife's favorite dinner and spend time with her granddaughter. Since Victoria is her first grand kid, she is too over the moon with us.


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