Saturday, June 28, 2014

Victoria Figures Out Hair Pulling

This lady is full of new tricks.

Today she figured out how to pull mom's hair. And since her grip is tighter than a UFC fighter's death hold, well, good luck unlatching.

She enjoyed meeting other members of the family as Yesenia, Chris and fambam came over to meet her.

I truly enjoyed teaching Jake and Josiah a new word: HAMBURGER!!!!!

They loved the word and of course I had to give them a midterm and final exam. They both got an A when I flipped through my magazines and pointed to a burger and they would both start chanting "han-u-noo!" Success!

All the while V was cuddled for hours asleep on her auntie being the great host she has come to be.

We had a butterfly kisses session earlier in the afternoon and it was a hit too.

All around great Saturday with our angel. She is starting to get out of control with her farting though that it's a bit embarrassing. But she has a great digestive system for sure!

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