Friday, June 27, 2014

She Is Officially On The Grid

So she is officially on the grid. She got her social security card in the mail today.

 And of course it starts with a seven!

Busy day today with Mr Mom chores and running errands with Sam.

Raising an infant is seriously no joke. Nobody can really stress how tough it is or how it will flash before our eyes. Living it is the only way to truly understand what being a parent is all about.

So true that you start thinking - and we find us talking about this often - "how did our parents do it!"

Our little eater is still munching on all the milk she can get a hold of. Lots of it. Her belly button is still bleeding a little bit from the healing it is going through.

She has perfected the art of farting after eating. Almost clockwork. I think she actually takes great pride in just letting it rip. Seriously. All it signals me is the fact that I have to head to the diaper room within minutes.

V got several more gifts in the mail yesterday. Some for her, others for us in form of food (I love the latter).

Looking forward to the weekend....wait, really, am I? Well, at least to pretend it will actually be different.....

Accomplishment of the Week: Nipped that diaper rash in the butt in one day! YEAH!

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