Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014 -- 40w2d: Kept In Hospital

The fun began this morning!

Went in for routine checkup and they asked she go to OB Triage. This is code word for delivery of baby. Knowing this, we negotiated time to go have breakfast and to go and board Diva and Siete in the doggy hotel.

We did and it was an emotional moment for wife as we dropped them off. They will be at the doggy hotel until after the delivery of the baby.

We came back to the hospital and the process began. In the evening my inlaws showed up so that helped ease the wife's nerves.

We also met Kimberly, one of the labor and delivery nurses. Fantastic lady who has been doing what she does for over 30 years recently married the love of her life. What a treat to have such caring and totally professional folks in the journey of getting this baby to come to this world. Kimberly spent time making wife and myself comfortable with this quite intimidating process.

I have to say that the facility is superb. Definitely top notch. Wife has a private suite with its own husband quarters and bed for me. Awesome! What just takes this over the top, and I know a la boring wife would care less, but I do, is that the delivery room we are in has an incredible marina view on one side and full ocean view on the other. I've appreciated the view given that we've been in the room all day.

We ended the day with a prayer. My mother in law brought a blessed candle I gifted her from the house of the Virgin Mary when we were in Turkey two years ago. She lit the candle and prayed for an easy labor on wife and healthy transition of baby.

Very special indeed.


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  1. We are so happy do you both!! My Tio Panfilo told my mom (Theresa Jennings) you are our neighbors now! We can't wait to meet Baby G. We are thinking about you and praying for a safe and healthy delivery. Lots of love!
    Your cousins,
    Ashley and Rene Mejia and Familia Jennings