Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014 -- 39w4d: Belly Cast Blues & Naming Debate

We have been debating whether to use a funky gift we received. A Belly Cast.

It's exactly what it sounds. It comes in a round container and is billed as a unique way to preserve the exact size and shape of the belly during pregnancy.

Our debate is, if you do it, what in the world do you do with it afterwards? really!

Do you hang it in the nursery?
Do you hang it in the kitchen?
Do you hang it in the bathroom?
Do you hang it in the living room?

Do you have people sign it as they visit Baby G?
Do you use it as a prop for Halloween?
Do you display it as artwork?
Do you add it to your garage dust-collecting storage?
Do you gift it to your child on his birthday or wedding?

I don't mean to offend the person who gave it to us, but I'm struggling finding a use and purpose. Cool idea. But what do I do with it once I enjoy putting it on the wife and taking the cast off? I still struggle.

We have also taken a poll on baby names. It was been quite fun. Despite the entertainment, we still have yet to decide on a name.

Oh boy! Or I guess I should also say, Oh girl!


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