Monday, June 16, 2014

Growth Spurt

Victoria was very unlike herself today.

She slept most of the day. We were happy that last night she slept most of the night. But given that she slept all day, I have a feeling it will be another sleepless night.

We think today was a huge growth spurt for her. She was unusually hungry. Mom's breastfeeding has not been enough since day one so we are supplementing her with formula. Today she had mom's food and about 8 bottles! That is insane. Mind you, each bottle is a newborn 2oz. bottle but 8 bottles nonetheless.

She had her second pediatrician visit today and the doctor was too surprised. The good thing is that she is gaining the weight she has lost in the last week.

She was born at nine pounds and lost one pound in a couple days after birth. Mainly because we didn't realize she was a hungerbeast. She was demanding too much food and breastmilk was not meeting her needs. And since the first feeding from mom is colostrum, it clearly wasn't enough for her.

We also went to the doctor for the wife as her condition is still worrisome. She is mostly on bedrest until her feet and leg swelling is under control and her high blood pressure is stabilized.

Yeap, Victoria came in like a whirlwind and wreaked havoc on her mom's body.

For now, we are exhausted. We need to recharge the batteries. Good night!

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