Friday, June 13, 2014

First Pediatrician Visit

The young lady had her first checkup/physical today.

She was a total charmer on the way there and out.

She checked out A-OK. This nine pound baby lost a pound in the hospital. Apparently it's normal for breast feeders. They were used to getting nutrition with no effort, now the actually have to work for it.

She weighed in at 8.4 pounds. They give infants 2 weeks to go back to their birth weight. So Victoria is not gonna have a problem reaching that goal.

Her jaundice came in at 8 which is below 12, so she doesn't have it.

The entire office could not believe she was a 5 day old newborn. They all came in to check her out. It must have been her cool Mexican soccer team jersey since today was day one of World Cup in Brazil where Mexico played and beat Croatia.

The wife's meds were up'd since they are still trying yo control her blood pressure and escalated her pain meds too.

Mom came over to lend a hand which was awesome.

The best news is that Victoria allowed us somewhat decent sleep last night.

Knocking on wood!!!!

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