Thursday, June 12, 2014

6/11/14 - Wednesday: day 3 of Baby G with us....

Sleep deprivation is no joke.

Last night has gotta be the worse night of our lives.

Victoria decided she wanted to cry all night. So she did. Night Two apparently is notorious for this behavior. She was outta control.

Needless to say, we were zombies all day. Medical staff paraded through our room all day.

Something magical happened midday when a Eucharist minister visited to give us holy communion. Her name was Anne. She was the sweetest lady. We started to talking about my Victoria's grandpa battle with cancer. She said a prayer with us. As she turned yo exit the room, in walked Victoria's granpa and grandpa. Upon sharing the occur acne with my inlaws, tears and hugs were exchanged. Another example of no such thing as coincidences. God was there.

Just like he was when a dear friend visited yesterday morning. We were talking of unanswered prayers. The convo turned to how we question God at tough times in our lives. What happened next?

A Eucharistic minister stepped into the room at that very moment.

No such thing as coincidences!

Since inlaws showed up, I took and break and went home to unload the cameras to have more space.

Mom came to visit later that night and Jesse joined later in the night claiming to be a baby whisperer. He is a total fraud. When I encouraged he sign up for night shift duty, he left.

We've been learning a lot of parenting tips from our nurses. They are awesome.

Baby G was officially "discharged at 11:30pm but wife was not. We are still having issues with her high blood pressure and swollen feet.

Not looking forward to another sleepless night.

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