Friday, June 6, 2014

40w1d: One Day Overdue, Eviction Notice Pending!

Well, he is definitely his father's son or daughter. Calling the shot on his own terms from the get go. Baby was due yesterday and no sign of coming out of his cocoon just yet.

We were for sure that today would be the day. See, we had a ragged and tired day. Went in for our regular check up in the morning and sure enough. They wanted to immediately induce. We said no.

As long as baby is healthy and mom too, we are still striving for a natural birth. Mom's blood pressure was a little high...around the 140's (normal is in the 120's).

So after two doctors said she had to go to labor and delivery. We still said no. The conferred, and 5 hours later, the agreed and we were allowed to go home.

It was a close call. But it has taken both of us seven years to prepare for this journey. We are not only well read on the subject, but quite versed on the various drills and scenarios that may present themselves.

One we have taken to heart is our ability to choose and ultimately decide what is best for us. Weighing in the doctor's advice of course and consequences. But today's actions were a testament to our ability to being ready and knowing the course of action to take and what we deemed was best for us and our child.

I have a feeling we are going to be out of control parents. I will be the push over and wife will be the disciplinarian. Yeap, that's how it will play out. I am calling it now.

The wait today gave us a glimpse to what awaits us. It was exhausting and tiring. Draining emotionally too. Wife stole this moment while I was catching a breather and taking the car seat to both of our cars and installing the carseat base and contraptions. Pretty special indeed.

We are ready for what tomorrow will bring. Will we be celebrating a birthday tomorrow? Only Baby G knows....


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