Wednesday, June 4, 2014

39w6d: Everything Hurts

Wife has reached a point of total hurt. Everything hurts. And just when we thought her feet couldn't get any bigger, they have. And now her calves too.

She had another routine check up with her doctor today and her cervix is still shut. However, it is softer which is a good sign.

Tomorrow is Baby G's official due date, but given what we are seeing, it does not seem like he will come knocking just yet.

I do find it interesting how all of the advice is coming in on ways to induce labor. Everything from drink red wine to have a lot of sex.

The pressure is also mounting as we do not have a name just yet.

I did do a procrastinated duty of installing the car seat since they baby won't be allowed to go home without a car seat installed. It is worse than putting together Ikea furniture.

Also went to Mom's house tonight to pick up the boxes of diapers we brought from Dallas.

Ok, pressure is on. We should start a poll now as to when the baby will decide to come!

This is an interesting read of a campaign that promotes families to go the full 40 weeks versus deciding to schedule a c-section or inducing labor prior to the full 40 weeks.


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