Sunday, June 1, 2014

39w3d: Red O & Blessings

It was father in laws bday today. He was hoping baby g would come.

Went to our last brunch together as non parents. Kinda cool. Red O is Rick Bayless new restaurant in Newport Beach and highly recommend it! I was stuffed all day.

Inlaws gave surprise visit and brought candle I had gifted them from our trip to Virgin Mary's childhood home during our trip to Turkey. She said she was saving it for special occasion and lit it today and said a prayer. Very nice.

Father Jim came to visit wife before giving birth. Very special time with him. He even got to feel baby moving all about.

He said prayer for father in law and even gave cowboy a blessing. Pretty cool.

All in all awesome weekend prepping for the arrival of our little one.


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  1. That is so touching, it almost makes me want to cry.
    Lety T.