Sunday, May 18, 2014

37w3d: The Shavers Go Back Home & Rest Time

So today was all about recovery.

Our friends from Dallas who surprised us by coming to Alicia's Surprise Baby Shower left this morning. We had a blast.

Soonafter we sent them off with legendary breakfast tacos, we took the afternoon to rest from the busy weekend.

Mostly promoting wife keep her feet up as they have been out of control swollen lately. Good thing is that her blood pressure is under control.

But couldn't help but reminisce on the special gathering of friends and family yesterday. Very special and one we will never forget.

A huge debt of gratitude to Gaby, Rosie, Vic, and Joser for making it happen. And for all those family and friends who were in on the surprise. As witnessed by Alicia's face of total shock and awe, this went down in history as the most surprised she has been her entire life.

Thank you for the memories. Photos to come!

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