Saturday, May 31, 2014

39w2d: "I need a cane"

That is what wife said today, "I need a cane!"

She is walking quite slowly now and I literally need to help her to get up from bed or a chair.

Total bummer today as we had planned to attend my high school's 25th reunion.
But right now, Baby G is calling all the shots.

Saw the baby move a lot today. Trying my best to keep wife rested and in zen. I am sure though certain she is fed up with my photography. But how can I stop? I want to chronicle this phase of our journey. It's moving too quick and it will be a flash before our eyes.

Beautiful day in SoCal today.

It just dawned on me that here you don't have critters or Mosquitos everywhere. There are none. That's why you can have your door open to let in the awesome breeze.

Still blows me away that you don't need a/c here. Back in Dallas, we'd have all three a/c units going full blast.

Oh how baby g will be spoiled, he will have no clue what weather good for the skin is all about.

Had great first visit by James today. What a treat! So much more magic to come from him in the near future.

Well, it's time to take the 3 pups out for their daily walk. Yes three. Cowboy came to visit for the weekend.


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