Thursday, May 29, 2014

39 Weeks Pregnant

Close call today.

Went in for your routine weekly visit and wife was immediately dispatched to the hospital's emergency room.

Turns out they did not like the baby's low heart beat and they thought the baby was in distress. If that were the case, his life would be in danger and an immediate c-section would have to be done.

Against the wife's wishes, she was admitted to the hospital for extended monitoring. The baby's heart rate was hovering at or below 120 and it wasn't showing the spikes they expect. After two hours and a huge huge huge gulp in our throats, she checked out ok and she was allowed to leave.

One of the areas they checked was her amniotic fluid. It should be above 8cm and it clocked in at 16.1cm which was outstanding.

Her blood pressure was normal too which calmed our nerves because of her swollen feet and now very swollen legs. The doctors were afraid of a blood clot but luckily that was ruled out. It just happens to be one of her late pregnancy symptoms. Completely normal.

The nurses told wife she has to be in zen and not aggravate herself or preoccupy herself as it is now critical that the baby be stress free as he or she prepares to come out.

During the wife's stay in the hospital today, she was frantically looking for a place to board our two dogs. Especially since Diva was just spayed and is still under the weather and not eating.

Typical of my wife to worry and think of everything.

With today's lesson, she came home and washed the baby's clothes and re-packed her giving birth bag (which is now a very full luggage by the way).

The highlight of our evening was securing James. He will be an important part of our journey. More to come on that chapter later.

I did a late night run to my brother's home in Long Beach and a quick detour to King Taco as the day was so hectic I forgot to eat.

For now, I prepare for a big meeting at my agency's office and then jet back to the beach for more fun surprises!


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