Wednesday, May 28, 2014

38w6d: Exhaustion & Epsom Salt

Sums it up. Exhaustion.

Lots going on in our world. Today bought 2 tons of epson salt for wife to soak her logs, I mean feet. They are huge and they hurt. Hopefully the nightly salt treatments will ooze her pain and decrease the swelling.

Went grocery shopping as eating out is for the birds. Had to nest and stock up as baby g will be here any day and I know I won't have time for anything.

Researching birth photographers but seeing how expensive they are is tough to swallow. I really do want to do that as I want to be in the moment when the day comes.

Maya Angelo died today. She was such an inspiration in so many ways. But the circle of life carries on.

Seems like the days are flying by.


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