Tuesday, May 27, 2014

38w5d: Diva Spayed & BabyCam video of Hospital Visit

Like my wife doesn't have enough on her plate.

She took in Diva to get spayed and Siete to get his vaccinations.

The time is near and we feel it!

However, today was yet another one of those crazy juggling days. I do have a day job that I love. It's in the evenings when things get hectic and leaves no time to unwind. My over-achieving wife decided it was time for Diva (our yorkie) to get spayed before Baby G arrives. So not only is she dealing with remodeling our home and coordinating with contractors in between contractions, now she has to care for Diva. While she was at it, she also took Siete in for his shots. As life always does, Siete went into an allergic reaction because of the shots and wife had to call ER and pick up some Benadryl to calm him down. He seems to be doing better. Poor Diva though is out for the count. She is unusually lethargic. It is expected though given that she had major surgery this morning.

Later in the day we went in to the doctor to get her swollen feet checked out as they are about to explode. The swelling went up to her knees now.

The good thing is that her blood pressure is very normal and baby is doing great. Epsom salt will be incorporated into the regimen tomorrow with cold water to ease the swelling and aches.

Here is a peak into the BabyCame taken today during the doctor visit:

Only Nine days to go folks!


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