Sunday, May 25, 2014

38w3d: Newport Beach FunDay

Started day early at the beach with friends and ended the evening at home.

The baby had plenty of stimulation and helping hands to feel him up. Cowboy came to visit his parents and it was quite the reunion.

Fireball made a comeback tonight and it caused some raucous. Thanks to the camacho bros. for starting the trend.

Looking forward to what the week may bring. I'm going to sleep thinking of the amazing Bloody Mary I made myself at the Bloody Mary self serve bar at the beach, yum!

While at the beach today, took a moment to settle the debate once and for all as to whose belly was bigger....



  1. Haha!!! just don't put us on the blacklist....again!

  2. Mmmmm it's a hard one!! I think you guys are equally the same! hehe

    I am glad you enjoyed the Bloody Mary Bar.