Saturday, May 24, 2014

38w2d: Grandparents Eat & Run

So I think wife scared off her parents.

They came today to spend the Memorial Day weekend and they left as soon as they made some delicious Albondiga soup.

Maybe they didn't want to be caught in between Baby G contractions.

In any case, it was nice seeing them.

The baby was moving a ton today all day. Even moreso when we visited some friends tonight. It's kinda cool when friends and their children get to feel the baby moving around. Their face is priceless to feel a life squirming around.

The total treat of the day was having left over baby shower cake. Sooooooo good. It's from an incredible bakery in Long Beach called Rossmoors (I think).

Last night baby had lotsa hiccups. Now the entire belly moves with the hiccup motions.

Baby hasn't dropped yet. And wife is getting more and more out of gas (not gassy though) and energy.

Actually last night was her official first TOUGH night where she tossed and turned and felt aches and pains everywhere.

In fact, she has gotten into the habit of laying on the floor next to the bed and propping her legs up on the bed for relief. That has helped her a lot.  (pic of that coming if she approves of course).

Been craving Menudo lately and some good old King Taco.....



  1. Who is craving that? You or Chup?? Either way, when dontchu ever crave food! LOL! I feel ya, I am always craving some type of diff food. Mmmm :D

  2. BTW~ thank you for writing more than ONE line hehehe ;) and hopefully you get to read my comments too!