Tuesday, May 20, 2014

37w5D: Chicago Windy City

So I am in Chicago this week really freaking out. Because I do not want Baby G to say it's time while I am thousands of miles away.

Luckily this will be my last trip before the baby arrives.

Have really enjoyed though getting texts from wife on her antics to do what we loosely call bedrest. She does NOT stay put and needs to rest a lot given her swollen feet.

I believe she had company today or tomorrow so that will be nice. But that baby is almost done being in the womb.

Friends were taking wagers as when he will arrive. Jon has his bets on the 28th. Others the 1st. Anytime I am good except while I am in Chicago!

I have also been getting a lot of pressure on a "push gift" which I find absolutely ridiculous. I am the push gift. End of conversation!


1 comment:

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