Monday, May 19, 2014

37w4d: Monday Blues

Started Monday with a terribly delayed flight to Chicago.

I'm already on pins and needles as there are only about 16 days left for the due date. So I was a little nervous taking this flight.

The reassurance came from the doctor that I should be ok. The baby hasn't dropped into position yet and the cervix is still closed.

So let's cross fingers Baby G continues to cook. I need to be there when he decides it's time.

Caught up with colleagues and also toasted to our dearly departed Sue Mullins' 60th B-day today.
It was at this meetings that we would have our catch up sessions over red wine. I miss that lady dearly.

Wife continued her role of project manager with the contractors doing work on the new house. Things are coming along just fine. But again, can't reinforce how important it is for her to now take it easy more than ever. It's tough when you are married to the energizer bunny.


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