Monday, May 12, 2014

36w4d: Waddling & Weight

The pregnancy is officially weighing on wife. Everything hurts. I was able to give her foot massages to ooze the swollen feet but no more as they hurt.

Getting up hurts, and everything is an effort. I rewarded her with a treat to Slaters 50/50. Great food and burgers have half beef and half bacon. Heavenly.

Tomorrow another doc appt. but overall swollen feet are not letting up.



  1. No salt, fresh foods, elevate feet every 3-4 hours, little or no coffee if still drinking it. Yoga and exercise helps, they sell cooling gel, feet soaking stuff, or if she has lavender oil, soak feet in warm salt bath & lavender water. I sent her some info fro pinterest, I read green cabbage leafs wraps on legs, hope one or other helps.

  2. YOU rewarded her with a treat to Slaters?!?! LOL!!! Right!! it was more for you Mr.!