Thursday, May 8, 2014

36 Weeks Pregnant

It's  getting really close. How do we know? Her feet are now extremely sensitive to swelling. They are getting worse and worse as days go by.

Baby is also moving more and more.

Her uterus keeps practicing for labor with contractions called Braxton Hicks.

It was another hectic day in the life started by being pulled over for making an illegal U-turn. Wife worked her magic and was let off the hook. Thank you awesome police officer!

We were stuck in freeways forever making me almost late to a speaking engagement I had at the LA Convention Center at the annual PTA Conference. What a great group of folks. The parent teacher association is an involved group that advocate for kids in so many ways. I asked my wife to also present a case study given her extensive experience as an educator. Received a lot of great feedback as we shared with them our marketing strategy which they can use to increase their membership case.

Later, we met with Janel to officially get the keys to our home!

What a treat.

Wife's feet at this point were about to self destruct so we had to get her home to rest and prop them up.

Baby kept moving restlessly all day. In the morning, we get to go to the hospital again for additional baby monitoring and to see how her contractions are doing. At her first appointment yesterday they did a painful procedure to see how dilated her cervix was. It was closed shut. It made her cry from pain. The baby also didn't enjoy it and was visibly disturbed by tossing and turning tons.

So far, we love the staff, very caring and very involved in ensuring our journey is completely safe with baby all most here.

We have another monitoring appointment in am to continue the monitoring and also to see baby's heart rate.

So far healthy heart rate at 140 beats per minute.


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  1. I remember that pain.. they check u during labor in between contractions too.. ugggh! Get ready Max.. when the labor is over & u hold your baby, you will love ur wife even more for the sacrifice she will be going thru & this experience will be crazy, emotional, overwhelming but so worth it! So worth it! Im glad ur so in tuned and involved, u are going to be a amazing coach to my cousin! Cant wait to hear about.. god bless!