Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pilgrimage To Cali with Baby Stuff and Pups...

Bittersweet weekend for this pregnant husband.  Highlight was prenatal prepared child-birthing class, did I mention it was ALL day on Saturday!  So glad I was able to be here for it, made the wife feel at ease that I could make it to learn all about dad's role as support during labor and delivery.  Bittersweet though because I had to say goodbye again to my better half and Baby G as she wiped tears away from her face when I drove off.

She still experiencing heartburn and cravings for all things fruit and sweet.  Wants nothing to do with any kind of meat, chicken, poultry.  Baby G has been moving around a lot in her tummy, I think he/she will be Olympic bound for the tumbling events.  We're hoping for no early arrival as we have lots to do before June 5th.  Keeps taking about wanting to do prenatal yoga but says she only has time after work, and the her mega swollen feet keep her from doing much.

We had one last impromptu neighborly Veuve Clicquot Champagne toast in back yard.  Definitely going to miss our awesome neighbors, Alicia wishes we could take them all with us.

Today I packed up, loaded a small U-Haul with essentials the wife needs to make baby's new nest comfy upon arrival; and of course with my wine that just couldn't be transported by moving company in non-climate controlled semi.  Sad she had to stay behind...again.  This is not my idea of an ideal pregnancy, but am comforted that we will be reunited soon and all will go back to normal after this crazy and intense transition.

Well, as we speak, I'm currently in route to LA alone, unless you count driving with great travel companions: two of our three dogs, Diva and lil Cowboy.  Had to stop for a bit as I've come across the unexpected at 2 o'clock in the morning...SNOW!!  And lots of it!!  Geez, the sacrifices one has to make. Glad the wife packed me a warm blanket for the road.

Ok, too cold to type now, though hooray for technology on the road.  Catch up with y'all tomorrow.  Break time over, I leave you as I trek through this 1400 mile pilgrimage on energy drinks and tacos with two pups and a trailer in tow.

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  1. I love that champ...yum! Wow!!! I hope you made it to L.A. safe and sound but I am sureI will read on it in the your next blog ;)