Monday, April 14, 2014

Out of gas...and patience!!

Oh my, only enough energy for a handful of sentences tonight. As if this adventure hasn't been colorful enough, I ran out of gas for being on the phone 100 miles from Barstow, CA in the middle of nowhere (literally). Haven't slept for two days. Cowboy almost got bit by a snake. Diva vomited some treats I have her. Ay ay ay!

Heaven help me...but almost in East LA now..

Wife reported earlier she's happy she received her medical insurance issued double electric breast pump. Mega swollen feet/ankles haven't let up. Had to make a store run for heartburn remedies that won't let her sleep. She's receiving lots of mommy advice for that on FB. She's prepping at work for last days on the job.

Ok, can't take this anymore. Almost at my destination. Unbelievably I gotta unload, unwind, and be at work all in just a few hours.  I need a beer...many actually.  Need to be cloned too...anyone???

Will post pics of adventure here later....but not now.

1 comment:

  1. OHHHH EMMMM GEEEEE!!! pobrecito! I feel so exhausted for you :/ you were prolly a zombie at work! I am taking a deep breath for u....que la gran!