Tuesday, April 15, 2014

50 Days to Go!

So today if Baby G cooperates, marks 50 days before he comes to this world!

Pretty cool!

I miss my wife. This whirlwind pace continues though so it softens the blow and misses a bit. The cross-country roadtrip from hell is over. Thank the heavens! Brought our two pups (Cowboy and Diva only) and Siete stayed behind to take care of momma bear and baby g.

I was also able to bring all of Baby G's stuff. So all is good. But that drive was insane. I ran out of gas - both literally and figuratively as I shared in last night's post. I still haven't completely recovered. So I will seek therapy another day (write about the experience in detail).

Luckily, we all got home safely.

Today is also day one of wife's last week in her beloved high school. She has four more days and she will be hanging up her teaching ruler for a while.

In other news, the home situation continues. Our home is on the market in Texas and we are moving towards securing our new one in Cali. But it has been sheer torture and nerve wrecking.

One day at a time one day at a time....

Heartburn seems to be the latest wife symptom of the pregnancy. She has never ever had it, so it's funny to live it through her eyes thinking it's some form of STD. I crack up at the zillion pointers she keeps getting on facebook to remedy her "ailment" and crisis. She came back from the store with half of those recommendations.

My take on her heartburn is simple. EAT MEAT! For some odd reason, the biggest and most bothersome (to me at least) pregnancy symptom throughout her pregnancy has been her dislike of protein. Especially any kind of meat. So if she eats meat, hopefully she will realize the heartburn will go away!

Happy 5-0 Days till baby's arrival!


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  1. Wow! so she became a vegetarian, well for now. I wonder if "protein shakes" would help her for her protein intake?! I take Arbonne, it's a natural/vegan product, though it's an acquired taste.