Wednesday, April 30, 2014

34w6d: Disney World Fun & Dia Del Niño

Spent the day being a kid in Orlando, Florida.

A work function closed Disney World for the night for us to have fun and be kids again. Very timely as today is Dia Del Niño in Mexico.

Today 4/30, I thought of my grandmother all day. I grew up with her celebrating "Día del Niño" throughout my childhood. She made the day so memorable and special for me. This celebration of kids is a cultural tradition that honors children.

Abuelita's words sung loud in my heart. Regardless of your age mijo, never ignore the kid within you. He will keep you healthy and forever young. I try to live those words day in and day out. Most fitting that even today I clowned around at Disney World staying true to my grandmother's sage advice. You too have that kid within you, don't neglect him. Feliz Día Del Niño!

I couldn't help but picturing us with our baby at the park. It's kinda weird how your perspective on life begins to change.

Last night wife had a dream. In that dream she was in labor and gave birth to a girl. I keep reminding her that she has to tell Baby G to keep cooking. We cannot have him or her come yet.

But it is definitely getting closer to showtime!


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