Sunday, April 27, 2014

34w3d: The Skin Crawl

Well, I'm on the road again today, this time travel takes me to Orlando, Florida for our worldwide biennial convention.

Being around 20,000 of my closest McFamily is quite the surreal experience. Looking forward to a fruitful and inspiring week. Bittersweet as I had wife coming with me. But all moms that we spoke to thought we were crazy, even doctor when we mentioned it. So to err on side of caution, we canceled her plans.

Baby G last night was crawling all over tummy. Caught it on tape. I think he wants out. But he is not welcomed yet!

Well I'm in New Orleans writing this. Gotta wrap things up and see if I have a limo picking me up. Things have been so crazy, I don't remember if I had my administrative assistant book for me.

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