Thursday, April 24, 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant

34 weeks Bump Day.

Every day that passes still is surreal. It's getting crazy close to our life as we knew it be forever changed. Nervousness and anticipation and anxiety and joy all rolled into one.

Baby is now fully formed and can survive just as if he were born full term. No longer considered a preemie. All baby is doing now is growing fat! So his body is learning to control his body temperature.

The baby now weighs 5 lbs and will be gaining half a pound a week till birth. His length is around 18 inches long. On the fruit metric, he is considered a cantaloupe.

Mom had her last appointment with her ObGyn in Texas today.

All vitals came in on track and expected to go full term. Only difference is that she actually lost two pounds.

Can't wait for tomorrow.


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  1. Is the baby in position? Very important to know b4 going into labor.. must check thru touch or current ultra sound. Don't forget to ask at next visit if you haven't found out.