Wednesday, April 16, 2014

32w6d: Proof Husbands Can Endure Pregnancy Symptoms - Swollen Feet!

So if this is not proof of the Pregnant Husband, then you are living under a rock. There is a lot written about pregnancy symptoms experienced by the hubby. I've said it all along, it is absolutely true as I have lived it.

So if you've been following my nonsense, wife has had swollen feet manifest themselves over the last two weeks now, consistently.

Well, today was an interesting day in Lakewood -- all day! But the big reveal was this:

And yes, that is my foot with Cowboy posing for dimension purposes as he too was in disbelief at my cankles. I have NEVER EVER had this happen to me. How do you explain it? I'll leave it at that.

The pregnant husband signing off...


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  1. OOOOH MYYYY GAWDDD!!!!! WTH?! funny pic though with the doggie.