Saturday, April 12, 2014

32w2d: Birth & Labor Class Trip

So I flew in to Dallas to take this awesome class with wife. Learned so much. From all things to prep for the baby's arrival to what diffent things can happen the day of.

Our child educator instructor Galen was just amazing. Texas Health Presbyterian Plano has the most talented staff. We've had such a great experience. Her energy and knowledge was apparent and contagious.

She had us prep for when wife goes into labor and simulated contractions. She taught Dads how to be of support throughout the entire journey.

The one thing I learned most is to listen to our bodies as it's a perfect symphony. It knows what to do. It's all a mental game and one must prep to be ready for the feelings and pain that come with giving birth. However, pain does not equal suffering and their are great tool to cope with the intermittent pain.

Galen equipped us well for the next couple weeks. She even treated us to a tour of the actual labor and delivery area of the hospital and re-enacted what goes on in the various rooms. Incredible experience and well worth the entire Saturday. Thanks Galen! You were a class act! I'm still sore from all the exercises you made us do throughout the day!

Now to pack to take the pups and baby stuff to LA...


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  1. You're welcome! It was fun having the "three" of you in class! Good luck with the move and getting settled in your new home. Can't wait to hear about the next few weeks. Love the blog! - G