Thursday, April 10, 2014

32 WEEKS PREGNANT: 56 days left, or 1 month and 26 days from today!

So the countdown continues with much anticipation!

Bump Day today at 32 weeks.

Baby continues wiggling, moving, and twisting more and more and more....

Here is how he looks inside now (babycenter):

Up close and personal (courtesy of iampregnant):

Wife also had her appointment with her ObGyn. Here are the stat:

* Baby heart beating at 140 bpm
* bump measuring 32 cm
* mommy has gained 22 lbs since pregnancy started

All withing expected range.

So looks like Baby Moon Part 2 will have to be canceled. He said that we are crazy wanting to travel to Orlando at 35 weeks pregnant. Which by the way, was the same look of horror from all the experienced mommies I would share this story with.

Being rookies, I guess it sounded like a great idea in thought. So glad we have people in our life that give us honest and direct feedback with a dose of reality checks...continuously!

Here's wife with her nurse Jackie:

All in all, another productive day of moving things along toward delivery day.

(taking deep breaths)

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