Tuesday, April 8, 2014

31w5d: We Have A Doctor Officially in SoCal!

Extremely busy and rewarding day!

Had the privilege of participating in the CEO Rountable of Don Thompson in San Diego. One of the best speakers I know. Most importantly, an inspiration and complete motivator when you walk away talking with him.

I shared with him at a reception later that ecenjng in Newport Beach about Baby G and I got a hug. Pretty darn special that man is.

Wife shared with me tonight that the highly sought after doctor we were lobbying to secure accepted Alicia as a patient this late in the pregnancy. THANK YOU! You know who you are, for that coaching and support.

The doctor reviewed the medical file and accepted her as a patient!!!!!!! Such great news. The irony of all of this is that wife will be delivering in Newport Beach. Blocks where I'm staying tonight while I got the news from her. Yeap? Universe works in mysterious ways indeed!


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  1. See, I tolda ya Hoag would be the place! ;)