Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30w6d: Swollen Feet & Cows

Kinda worried that wife has been having swollen feet every day lately. But the more I read, the more it says it's a typical symptom at this stage.

Tonight, I found myself looking for a stranded cow in our neighborhood. Only in Texas. Boy, will I miss these episodes. We were en route to pick up Cowboy from the groomer when wife saw a cow nonchalantly strolling the sidewalk.

Since wife is St Francis of Assisi, I had to drive around looking for it to make sure it was safe.

Pretty good day as it was also the day I presented my last big presentation on the job in Texas. Seems like I have been on an extended farewell tour. But it's been a blast. Will definitely miss the people and the great relationships that have been forged. I've been lucky to interact and work side by side some of the most intelligent and driven business people in the industry.

Baby G continues growing and moving tons. Also starting to fill out tons of paperwork as we are in escrow. So we are asking baby to NOT show unannounced just yet. He's got 9 more weeks to cook in the oven.


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