Tuesday, April 1, 2014

30w5d: Home Bid Accepted!

Big day today!

We finally have a home and have opened escrow....yeahhhhhh.

It was quite a crazy ride. All in all between my trips to California and my wife, we saw over 80 homes. None were to our liking since coming from our beloved Texas home. But we can now plan on  very soon making it our home. The very first project will be the nursery.

Wife's feet and cankles, I mean ankles, continue to be very swollen. She has been kicking up her feet and resting them.

I also feel good that after 20 years, we canceled our Directv subscription. I figured we have not seen TV in months. I couldn't live with paying over $150 a month. So we have liberated ourselves from a senseless expense. Besides, we get most of our news and info online.

Wife came home today with a warm heart as she was given a beautiful crochet blanket as a present for the baby. Very touching. Especially when it's such a personal gift from a colleague you've shared a school with.

As for me, enjoyed a nice business dinner with our president. Baby G was the topic of conversation. Pretty cool.


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