Monday, March 31, 2014

30w4d: Come Home Outfit & Baby Moon Booked!

So I need to find out who is putting crazy ideas in wife's head. Apparently she is now on the hunt for this "come home" outfit for the baby. She has been searching high and low for this particular type of clothing that she can't find. So enter Neiman Marcus. Apparently someone told her that style could be found there by some company called Kiss Kiss or some weird name like that.


Needless to say, I have been on record numerous times that I DO NOT like to go shopping with the wife. She needs to tour the entire locale and touch everything. That is totally exhausting for me.

So as expected, she had to see everything from socks, to onesies, to yes even strollers before asking for the style of outfit she had been looking for in the beginning.

What I am excited about is that our Baby Moon is scheduled for next month! That's gonna be awesome!

I think I am still up so late because we sampled coffee today and I had my fair share of them. But needless to say, it was yet another hectic day.

We are still in the hunt for a home and wired some dough to see if this will FINALLY be a deal we can lock in. The baby will be here in no time and as the wife reminds me, we have no nursery, no home, no stroller, no car seat, no names, and most importantly, no doctor or hospital to deliver the baby. No pressure!

I seriously need a drink. really.


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