Saturday, March 29, 2014

30w2d: FIRST BABY PHOTO - 4D StorkVision Appointment to See Baby Inside!

Yeap, that's our baby!

We had such an exciting session today. We had been looking forward to this day for a long long long time. These 4D sessions I guess are a new recent technology. There are centers all over the country where you can schedule a private session to have a 4D visual of your baby in the womb. It is completely safe for the baby. You get to see him move and twist and smirk inside. You get a photos, a video, and a recording of his heart beat. Pretty cool stuff when you are a first-time parent at least.

Here he is smiling!

We are glad he was cooperative. Because when they are not, you can come back another time when he is more active.

It was tricky for us as we do NOT want to know the sex of the baby. So we had to look away when the baby was exposing himself, or herself. So the bummer is that we won't be able to see the video until after the baby is born.

But it will be an awesome keepsake!

The owner of Stork Vision was awesome. Ironically she was also originally from SoCal. Actually from the Orange and Villa Park area. So she put us in touch with a friend that lives in the area we are looking to live. How cool is that? Total alignment of the stars.

Our experience was fantastic! If you are pregnant and in the Frisco area (North Dallas), we totally recommend you look them up and schedule an appointment. The owner's name is Melody. Tell them we sent you!


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