Thursday, March 27, 2014

30 WEEKS! 70 days to go...

Today was a very good day.

We are 30 weeks pregnant (6.9 months) and 10 more weeks to go!

Wife reiterated how great she feels and how much she is loving the pregnancy.

As life would have it, got several rounds of great news today which made us over the top happy.

From the Andover confirmation to the post office delivery. It was a great day indeed.

We are still basking in the beautiful gift from my mom. A blanket, boots, and sweater all crocheted by hand. Very special present indeed.

Here is how the baby looks at 30 weeks:

We also had the routine ObGyn appointment today and all is on track. The bump measured 30 centimeters which was perfect for her 30 week pregnancy today. She has gained 19 lbs. since the pregnancy began which is perfect. And the doctor also heard the baby heartbeat which was also within the normal range of 150 to 160 beats per minute. Feeling blessed things are going well and as planned.

The baby like I've shared before is moving tons. We actually now enjoy watching his movement through the tummy skin. When it's not a ripple effect, we see him pushing and stretching and punching the walls of the bump. You can't blame him as he is now fully grown and taking up almost the entire uterine cavity. So there is not a whole lot of room for him to wiggle around anymore.

Some quick stats:

  1. measures 15.5 inches
  2. weighs 3lbs. 
  3. lanugo starts falling off (fine hair covering his entire body)
  4. continuously blinking now
  5. can now follow light when his eyes are open

The coolest fact of the day is the wife has noticed that baby notices my voice. During several times this week, when I am talking baby will become active. So responding to my voice. How cool is that!


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