Tuesday, March 25, 2014

29w5d: Ojai Resort Heaven & Diabetes Test #2

Baby has been growing through another hectic week of activity.

I've been on business travel all week in Ojai. What a spectacular place!

Baby today keeps on moving.

However, it was so big day as wife had to return for part two of her potential gestational diabetes diagnosis. Good news is that after the 3 hour test, she passed.

Wife has been busy nesting, or at least getting ready. She bought a bassinet today. Her rings were cutting off her circulation, so she may be retaining lotsa water.

She is excited as she also booked her session for maternity shots. Any potential shots to take?

In the meantime, her yoga classes are still pending. Looks like our parenting classes won't happen since we haven't been in one city together for long during the same time.

What a year!

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