Monday, March 24, 2014

29w4d: Baby Sugar Rush

I'm back in LA and got update from wife that baby's movements today were on overdrive. Definitely due to the sugar rush caused by her follow up appt on potential gestational diabetes.

The other symptom nobody told me about was wife's big foot syndrome. Apparently her feet have grown and her shoes no longer fit. I'm skeptical of that claim.

We are pretty excited as our 30 weeks is this Thursday with a doc appt where we will be sharing that we are moving. Also have a 4D sonogram scheduled for Saturday. So that will be ultra cool!

In the meantime, while I'm in great company in Ojai, missing my lady.

Awesome thought of the day shared by a friend:

El Amor No Es Aquello Que Queremos Sentir, Si No Aquello Que Sentimos Sin Querer...

"Love is not that thing that we want to feel, but that thing we feel without wanting it"

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  1. It is true. Our feet can get bigger when we are pregnant b/c arch height decreases and length increases. I went to size 7.5 from 7. - G.